Winter 2020

At the beginning of 2020, during a car trip throughout Argentina and Chile, Helena came across the most diverse and astonishing landscapes; that’s how Patagônia stole her heart. A place that looked like a painting, a real work of art sculpted from the glaciers, rivers, lakes, and rock towers with snowy peaks. The mild temperatures that could get up to 20°C (68°F) during the warmest days, the strong wind, its distinct fauna and flora with sheep, llamas, wolfs, elephant-seels, greater rheas, pumas, and alpacas: all of that made it a unique place. One day, at the end of a cold afternoon in Patagônia, Helena visited a small wool store in Pilcaniyeu owned by a group of native women that also lived from their craftwork. They were strong and joyful women that knew about the emotional value they bestowed in each piece. Thus, inspired by this journey, we decided to develop a winter collection in a sustainable way with fine wool distinct from the ones we usually find in the market, hand-dyed, and without any aggression to the environment. Our eco-friendly pieces were developed with the intent to bring empowerment to each woman, knowing that, by wearing each one of our pieces, one also wears the strength of our collective’s women in a unique and sustainable way. This collection was created for you, for elegant and cool women that seek sophistication and comfort in a single piece.