About Us

We are a collective of women from the countryside of São Luíz do Paraitinga capable of transforming each piece into personal empowerment. With our brand, we seek to promote financial independence and to rescue the self-esteem of each one of them.


The idea for Aparaitinga was born in 2016 when Helena Bork Saad, the brand’s founder, while on vacation in her favorite place in the world - São Luíz do Paraitinga -, decided to learn how to crochet. Two amazing women used to work at her home in São Luiz: Sebastiana and Vanessa, both of them with incredible manual skills. So, they were the ones that introduced Helena to the charming and creative universe of manual crafts, being Helena’s first crafted piece a beautiful crochet that she would wear during summer.

It wouldn’t take long for Helena to fall in love with this art and to realize how great were these women’s handcraft talents. It was something astonishing and it should be acknowledged. However, even though crochet had its place in São Luíz and craftwork was present within the city’s landscape, work opportunities for these women were scarce in every field. Sê and Vanessa confirmed that during a Saturday afternoon while drinking coffee. They talked to Helena about their struggles and about how challenging it was for a woman to have her own income in that region, given that such tasks were mostly given to the man of the house.

Done! That was all Helena needed to start thinking about how to change this scenario, how to give freedom to these women, how to make them financially independent, and how to rescue their self-esteem by letting them do what they do best, with quality, care, and love: the art of craftwork. Thus was born Aparaitinga: a women’s collective from the countryside of São Luíz do Paraitinga capable of transforming each piece into personal empowerment. 

From that point onward, the collective was created. Sê and Van invited Dani, that invited Kelly, that invited Sandra… and so on. News spread throughout the small town and soon more women joined the project. Thus they started to develop pieces created by Helena, who would supply all needed materials for production and would resell them at the brand’s online platform, paying back each woman with the fair and earned value of their work. As the brand grew they began to take weekly craftwork lessons so that all of them could further develop their skills: each woman, with their different expertise, began teaching the others and sharing their knowledge.

Today we are 15 women in search of a dream. We are a slow fashion brand, that is, we oppose any kind of slavery from fast fashion brands. We value our women, the craftwork, the time each one of them invests in crafting their pieces, and, because of that, we pay them the fair and worthy value of each production. Thus, it is important that you, our dear customer, know that it is precisely because we pay each artisan the fair value of their work that the price of our pieces raises. 

Our brand always has been about these WOMEN, and always will be. Hence they are the main characters in this story, worthy of our respect and admiration. Our role is to share with the world their extraordinary talents that, for so long, went unnoticed. However, today, they represent the conquering of financial independence and the rescuing of the self-esteem of so many women that were undervalued. At Aparaitinga each piece tells a story. A story of strength, renewal, reinvention, restarting. Be a part of that as well!